Travel is one of the largest industries in the world and travel club memberships are a growing trend in the industry.

myEcon has partnered with a world class travel fulfilment company with over 3,500,000 members and a continuous A+ Better Business Bureau rating. High-end travel memberships typically sell for $600 to $800 annually, myEcon will undercut the market by discounting those prices up to 70%.

So we design a MyEcon Elevation Travel Flyer Design for you to use for your offline marketing.

Read on some tips below.

TIPS: Flyers, Business Cards, & Other Marketing Materials ??

The power of social media often makes it easy to undervalue physical marketing materials. While Facebook and Instagram can help your customers to remember you, though, nothing will do this job quite as well as something tangible for them to keep. Flyers and business cards are the most popular tools for this.

This sort of resource can be good for any sort of business, though it’s worth thinking about your potential reach. If you have the budget to distribute flyers on a national level, this method can be excellent for online stores, service businesses, and all sorts of other companies. For those limited to their local area, though, marketing materials will only be useful if you are selling to local people.

As mentioned above, resources like this are good for building recognition, but they also have other benefits. You can ship flyers out with customer’s orders, giving them discounts and other reasons to shop with you in the future. Or, if you offer services, you could use flyers and business cards to make people aware of the work you do.

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