Toolkit for myEcon Members

1: Increase your Take-Home Pay:
Learn how to start applying the income-shifting strategy right away click here!

2: Business Backoffice:
Login to access all the services included in your membership. Set up your ID-Protection portal and cashback mall.
To set up your direct deposit:
Click “BMC Home” to view tools and reports on your business.
Click “My Account” and “Direct Deposit” to receive commissions.

3: Download the MyEcon App:
Manage your business, send scripts and more. Sign in as an associate using your MyEcon username and password. Give your username to prospects and they can sign in as customers so they can shop or sign up under you!

4: Download the Cashflow Manager App:
Track deductions, receipts and mileage log. Use your myEcon login info. Training on how to use the cashflow manager and what you can write off can be found under the Training Center in your back office.

5: Get Company Updates and Notifications 
myEcon Official Facebook Page

6: Advanced Training:
Create a account to access.
Lead by millionaire and mentor some of the best educators in the industry!

Other Helpful Links:

Increase your Credit Score:
Use your myEcon login info.
Step-by-step credit repair plus Income Shifting training and debt elimination tool.

myEcon Cashback Mall:
myEcon Cash Back Mail
Up to 30% cashback and deals at places you already shop online! Use your myEcon login info.
Refer others and get 10% of their cashback! This is also inside the myEcon app under “Store”.
Have customers download the app, click customer and use your username to get access to your cashback mall!

Your myEconeShop Online Store:
Send to those that need your services. Order from yourself and you get the commissions!


There are 2 ways to market, Offline and Online.
Always start Offline, this way you build your credibility and social proof when you start marketing Online.

Offline Tips:
In your MyEcon app (step number 3 above) click on Contacts to see some scripts you can send to your contacts!

Start with the contacts in your phone, friends and family! “Pique and Pass” is good technique for those you know! Pique their interest:

You: Guess what I found out??
Them: What’s up??
You: I found a way to get you an extra $200+ per month at the job without asking the boss for a raise… -OR-
I found out a way to add 5 new income streams to my household… -OR-
I found a way to get Uncle Sam to pay you to start a business…
Them: How??

Now you pass them to an expert:

You: My cashflow is really on the rise now, it’s called income shifting. A good friend with millionaire mentors is helping me with everything now When is a good time to call you?

Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Don’t go out to prospect… instead prospect while you are out! It looks weird if you walk around with a clipboard, but it’s more natural if you just talk to cashiers and people already at work and ask them if they keep their income options open and get their number… now they are in your phone and you can go back to the invite scripts!

Online Tips:
Start by messaging your family and friends, then start talking to other contacts and adding new friends.

Reminders: Change USERNAME to your username, always check links before sending, never send someone a link without them asking or saying it’s ok first!

Spamming never works and will only get your link blocked!

Daily Challenge:

Social media is a great tool to grow your business! If you are ever just out of ideas or just want to be more productive check out this.

Sunday – Post a positive quote!

Monday – Inbox 5 people using scripts

Tuesday – Pick a product from your page and post something interesting about it. You don’t have to post a link just pique interest.

Wednesday – Post a status

Thursday – Take a break from posting about business directly. Be relate-able, post about family, school or something you are thankful for.

Friday – Post a personal testimonial on how MyEcon has helped you this week

Saturday – Follow up with anyone that hasn’t responded to you yet and ask them how is there week went.

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